Black Sands Beach

One foggy day in Marin Headlands, I ran down a beautiful trail along the ocean, the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. Flowers burst on the sides of the trail as turkey vultures soared overhead. Soon my family and I approached the beach, a beach unlike all other beaches that I’ve seen. This beach had black sand! As I hopped down onto the sand, I noticed that the sand was actually composed of small, colorful rocks. I walked along the shore, taking photos for awhile. Then I saw a small head pop out of the water. A harbor seal! Everyone had noticed the seal by now. I excitedly took photos of it until it disappeared. Then Zoe found a treasure, a tiny piece of round sea glass disguised as a pebble. I nicknamed the sea glass “fairy egg" and started searching for more. Eventually, with a small handful of fairy eggs, we all started back up the trail. That was the end of our trip to Black Sands Beach.

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